• Investments

    MG Capital Group Inc. (MGCG) clients benefit from our unique Investment opportunities, offering security and protection on capital invested while benefiting from above-market returns.

Private Wealth Management

We help our clients pursue their wealth management goals through careful advice, smart investment management and access to the capabilities and network of MG Capital Group.

Get more as a Private Client

We work closely with high-net-worth individuals, families and select foundations and endowments to develop wealth and investment management strategies. We then identify investment opportunities to help them reach their objectives. We complement these services with robust execution capabilities and attentive client service. Where appropriate, we introduce our clients to the broader network and resources of MG Capital Group Inc.

MG Capital Group works with Licensed Financial Advisors, authorized agents and program directors of top tier global banks with trading platforms and private placement programs that enable approved clients to privately place some of their own investable funds to generate above-market returns from leveraged bank trading, with the peace of mind of having their capital protected.

Our Approach

We enable access to these exclusive invitation-only opportunities that offer the rare combination of low risk and high returns, providing a powerful means of protecting and growing individual, family, and business wealth. 

With MG Capital, expect to receive the best of both worlds: the high-touch, one-on-one service of a principal of a boutique backed by global resources of the largest firms. Here is some of what we can do for you.

Key Solutions

  • Private Placement - above market yields.
  • Illiquid Asset Conversion to Liquid Assets.
  • Efficient Structures.
  • Business Counsel.
  • Understanding Risks.
  • Governance.
  • Philanthropy.

Investment Management

An integrated approach to your investments. Based on an understanding of your long-term vision and feelings about risk, your advisor can work with your investment team to help build an appropriate investment strategy.

Financial Planning

A planning approach focused on you. We will will work closely with you to better understand you and your family's needs, then help you create a plan designed to help you meet those needs and accomplish your long-term goals.

Generational Strategies

Legacy building and estate planning. We will work with you to protect your family's long-term needs for the next generation and beyond, coordinating your strategies around your estate, charitable giving, and the establishment of a long-term family legacy.

We invest in you

Our personalized portfolio management takes your legacy holdings and cost basis into account, with an emphasis on institutional-style diversification and risk management.

Portfolio Customization

We take all your investments and assets into account when building your portfolio and come up with a game plan in helping you with stock options, private company stocks and highly appreciated securities.

Tax Efficiency

We minimize your tax liability by using municipal bonds, and tax-managed individual stocks. Your income generating assets are put in tax deferred accounts and capital gain generating assets are put in taxable accounts.

Suite Of Private Banking Services

You get a broad, life-simplifying suite of products and services exclusively for Private Clients through our partnership with various different banks.

Financial Confidence

We help build financial confidence through insightful advice, thoughtful education and cutting edge technology across a suite of workplace and retirement solutions.

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