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    We provide our Clients business finance solutions and help them grow their business and also assist clients Invest in Secure High Yield Investments programs for higher returns.


Real Private Placement Programs ​(also known as Secured Asset Management Programs) provide effortless income for self-certified sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals and companies by way of fully managed and secure investment programs. Private Placement Programs, Small Cap and Micro Cap Investment Programs are available to grow your income.

Bank Instruments

MG Capital Group Inc. has a network of established private providers of bank instruments services who can provide seasoned or  freshly cut bank instruments like BG's (Bank Guarantee), MTN's (Medium Term Note), SBLC's (Standby Letter of Credit) and just about every other type of instruments available through our network.

Project Finance

MG Capital Group Inc. (MGCG) assists clients worldwide who want to achieve their project financing objectives. We assist clients in their attempt to secure funding by working on their funding requests that may require innovative financing.We have strategic partnerships with many trusted lenders who are prepared to fund projects.

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Wealth Management

MG Capital Group works with authorized agents and program directors of top tier global banks with trading platforms and private placement programs that enable approved clients to privately place some of their own investable funds to generate above-market returns from leveraged bank trading, with the peace of mind of having their capital protected.

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MG Capital Group (MGCG) Crypto Consulting team hosts a rare mix of technical expertise, financial literacy as well as a proven track record of success in several industries. These skills and experiences are now applied to the ever-evolving blockchain landscape, allowing us to navigate through traditional barriers of entry with ease. 

Trade Finance

We assist our clients in Trade finance, providing purchase order financing, letters of credit, receivable financing and creative short-term transactional financing for importers, exporters, and other short-term borrowers. Our extensive service in trade finance allows us to deliver quick turnaround and immediate answers to small and medium borrowers. 

Scripophily MG capital services


Our loan products offer solutions to real estate investors and companies who banks can’t help. Our success is based on strong relationships within the broker and borrower community. Our strategic investor relationships allow flexibility to meet borrower demands.

Scripophily MG capital services


Scripophily is the study and collection of stocks and bonds. Some people refer to scripophily as a specialized field of numismatics. Scripophily is an interesting area of collecting due to both the inherent beauty of some historical documents as well as the interesting historical context of each document.


Bonds are a security and as such will have a ISIN number and a CUSIP number.

People get confused with securities as banks trade in them and as such people consider them to be bank instruments however they are not and must not be treated the same as a bank instrument.

All securities are handled by licensed security dealers, These include licensed individuals and banks. We are not licensed security dealer but we are private advisor only. 

Securities such as bonds are normally handled via “clearing Houses” like  Euroclear or DTCC. These “exchanges” act as an independent custodial service between buyer and seller.

Confirmation of a concluded transaction will therefore be recorded with the “custodial” and if necessary confirmed by the transferee via Mt542.


One of the main ways our clients like to invest is by using bank instruments such as bank guarantees or stand by letter of Credit, or Bank Drafts.
MG Capital arranges one of our partners “private platform” to house the instrument in order to invest using  CREDIT LINEAll investments must be done using cash or money market instruments.

Bank instruments like BG’s and SBLC must first be monetized. We with help of our partners do this by applying that instrument to its credit line held at the bank and then will invest using its credit at that bank. It is our reputation and our partners assets at the bank that are pledged against that credit line.

​The Instrument must be issued in a format that allows the bank to have it applied to the credit line. An instrument made out in the issuers or clients name is not a acceptable. 

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