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    Real Private Placement Programs ​(also known as Secured Asset Management Programs) provide effortless income for self-certified sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals and companies by way of fully managed and secure investment programs. 

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Private Placement Programs (PPP) Explained

In real PPPs the investor’s principal investment remains either on Admin Hold or MT760 block (depending on the rating of the bank) for the period of the contract, after which it is unblocked. In real PPPs the investor remains the owner of the held/blocked funds and the funds are not moved out of the control of the investor. The investor’s funds merely act as a deposit against which the Program Directors raise their own leveraged credit facilities – to raise funds for trading. The trading that is done by prime bank traders is the pre-arranged buying and selling of bank instruments providing a guaranteed profit in each transaction. The bank instruments are bought only if and when there is an exit buyer in place to buy at a higher price, ie arbitrage. The contract that the investor receives states the profits that will  come to the investor and the timeline. There is a history of several decades of this type of financial activity involving the top world banks. In most cases We are direct to several platforms and makes available the largest range of programs for high net worth investors and large corporations alike. 

Clients, that clear the compliance procedure, will be provided direct access to the Platform personnel and will have the opportunity to review documentation, ask questions and to develop a long term relationship with the Platform to continually enhance their wealth. In some cases clients/investor appointed MG Capital Group Inc. as the party to deal with Platform personnel on behalf of client/investor.

Real Private Placement Programs ​(also known as Secured Private Asset Management Programs) provide effortless income for self-certified sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals and companies by way of fully managed and secure investment programs. 

We with help of our partnerships assists companies, project developers, investors, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals who are looking for risk-free investment opportunities that (a) provide higher returns (b) raise capital for projects or (c) monetize (liquidate) and trade bank instruments or physical assets such as gold.

It is possible to invest in multiple programs simultaneously and to re-invest profits to quickly grow a portfolio of risk-free investments.

Private Placement Programs must not be confused with Public Private Partnerships. They are very Different. Unfortunately they both use the  acronym - "PPP"

MG Capital through its partners network offers risk-free investment programs by way of fully managed Private Placement Programs. These programs involve pre-arranged buying and selling of prime bank notes between contracted top 25 rated Investment Banks and other top financial entities. The risk-free trading is possible due to

  • the substantial financial strength of the platforms and the top 25 banks banks
  • long established business relationships and contracts between the various participants, and 
  • the strict regulation of Private Placement Program activities.

It is of utmost importance that the submitted documentation is truthful, fully verifiable and compliant with the listed requirements and procedures.

Pre-arranged Trade

At any given time some European and Asian investment banks must liquidate bank notes and will sell their notes at a discount. On the other hand, other banks are cash rich and wish to add to their note portfolio and will pay a premium for these bank notes. Private Placement Programs are the means by which these price agreed buy-sell trades take place. In real PPPs the buy/sell trades are pre-arranged and therefore not speculative or risky, providing a profit every trade/tranche.

Zero Risk

PPPs are the safest and most profitable means for banks to trade bank instruments between themselves.  In Private Placement Program trading the trader only buys notes when he already has an agreed exit buyer to buy the notes at a higher price. This is known as buy/sell or Arbitrage trading.

In this way a positive net gain (profit) is guaranteed for every trade/tranche. Therefore there is zero risk to the platform, trader, the banks, and the investor.

The prime banks involved in the trades include HSBC,  Barclays, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, UBS, Standard Chartered, Bank of China and DBS Singapore.

We are transparent

In real PPP programs the investor’s funds are never traded, accessed or touched. And trades take place only when a profit is guaranteed. Therefore there is zero risk to the investor’s capital. The purpose for the investor’s investment is simply to (a) satisfy trading regulations – which do not allow banks (and Platforms) to use their own assets; and (b) to permit the trader to have something in place to draw a credit line against in order to enable leverage – a magnification of value/volume of the trades, leading to magnified profits. A leverage of 10 times is very common.

The credit line (leverage) is obtained by the traders using their long-established working relationships and financial credibility at no risk to the investor. No institution would lend multiple times, otherwise.


The high level of profit from PPPs is possible due to the use of leverage. Leverage enables multiplication of trading volume – resulting in a magnification of profits.

Types of assets used for leverage include: Cash, Bank Guarantees (BGs), Stand- By Letter of Credit (SBLC), Medium Term Notes (MTNs), Bonds (cash and gold backed), Cash Deposits (CDs), Safe Keeping Receipts (SKRs), Blocked Funds, Bankers Drafts and Sovereign Guarantees.

PPP Contracts

Contracts are unique to each investor, depending on their personal circumstances. The level of returns the investor can expect and the timescales are stated in the contracts. In real PPPs the contracted returns are guaranteed by the Program Directors. Investors can reassure themselves by asking questions in a conference call with a representative of the platform.

Private Placement Programs are not related to stock market movements,  Forex, derivatives or commodities trading. Real PPPs are risk free and only profitable. PPPs are not speculative or risky.

Private Placement Programs (PPPs), also known as High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) are subject to refresh/change at any time. Often, very lucrative opportunities arise without coming to open forums. The platforms offer the best available and most suitable programs to investors that clear the due diligence.

Regulations do not allow the actual returns to be quoted, therefore historical performance results* are provided.

Actual returns are quoted in contracts on a case-by-case basis and are confidential. A number of factors such as – whether cash is being used, the type of instrument being used, overall value (size) of investment, the bank rating and the rating of the jurisdiction where the capital/instrument is held etc all effect and vary the yield.

Private Placement Programs are highly regulated and fully managed by the relevant professionals. There is little for the investor to do.

Trade Platform Facts
You may have heard about traders working in Banks, Hedge Funds and on Wall Street. There are elite traders you may not know about who work privately which can create such phenomenal returns. It’s not easy getting into such platforms, as the traders are very particular about who they let into the platforms. It is a privilege to get onto these platforms, not a given.

Potential participants will have personal checks and balances done on them before entering such platforms. Checks can include: validity of passports, documents and sometimes a personal face-to-face interview with the trader. Our group deals in clean business only. We might run checks through interpol to make sure there’s no history of money laundering and previous criminal convictions.

Please note, the material located on our site is for informational purposes only, is general in nature, and is not intended to and should not be relied upon or construed as a legal opinion or legal advice regarding any specific issue or factual circumstance.

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