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Private Consultation Call fees pay for the time it takes for one of our experts to review documents, analyze your situation, provide professional advice, and formulate a plan of action. It also serves to deter potential customers & brokers that need more time to start a transaction. 
Please note: Our clients expect us to be available when they need to reach out to us. To eliminate junk transactions, pie-in-the-sky conversations, or meetings that need to be transaction-ready, we charge $250 per consultation call. For every follow-up conversation, another $250 charge is applied. Once a transaction completes, we REFUND 100% of the collected consultation call fees of $250.


  • This meeting will be confirmed upon payment confirmation only. 
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  • Once you made the payment you will receive payment confirmation receipt via email with  with the weblink to schedule date and time for the Consulting call and to get the Zoom link for it.

If you have further queries about payment or unable to schedule a meeting, please feel free to CONTACT US


Duration : 45 Mins

Fee: USD$ 250